Thrive Architect Sneak Peak

Thrive Architect Sneak Peak

Thrive Architect from Thrive Themes

I know what you're thinking... "hasn't Doug been posting a lot about Thrive lately?"

The answer is a resounding, "YES!"

I've told you before, but for our new readers it's important to understand what Thrive plugins offer.

Thrive Themes (the company) makes WordPress themes and plugins that completely change the way WordPress works. They turn WordPress into a simple/traditional text editor into a TRUE WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor.

Thrive Architect is their newly announced full relaunch of the Thrive Content Builder plugin.​

Today the Thrive team showed off a few more features that are incredibly exciting for someone who uses their tools for every aspect of website, landing page, and conversion tool design.

Vertical Split Layouts in Thrive Architect

Vertical Split Layout in Thrive Architect

In Thrive Content Builder we were limited to a single color across the entire horizontal page section. Now we can split that section vertically, allowing us to have two side-by-side colors within the same element. Awesome for design.

Color Elements Individually in Thrive Architect​

Color elements individually in Thrive Architect

When choosing the color of elements -- for example, bullet points or ordered lists -- you were limited to one color for all elements (or points). Hannah from Thrive Themes showcased being able to change each element independent from the rest. Yet another major design improvement.

Transparent Buttons in Thrive Architect

Transparent Buttons in Thrive Content Builder

Something as simple as transparent buttons with a colored border wasn't available to us in the previous versions of Thrive Content Builder. This was really only because we couldn't alter the border color. Now, we can!

Mobile Preview in Thrive Architect

Mobile Preview in Thrive Architect

I tend to be really meticulous with my testing. I always want my mobile users to be able to have a great experience on my websites and designs. Google does too, which is why it's now a major ranking factor.

With this change in Thrive Architect, we can more easily preview what a page or element built in Thrive will look like on mobile devices. Simple QOL improvement, but I like it.

Thrive Architect releases August 29, 2017! I'll give you guys continued coverage as well as video tutorials, templates, and more.​

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