Thrive Architect: Thrive Content Builder 2.0 Release Date Announced

Thrive Architect: Thrive Content Builder 2.0 Release Date Announced

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect: Thrive Content Builder 2.0 Release Date Announced

As I reported in a recent blog article, Thrive 2.0 is coming out soon. Today, Thrive officially announced the name and release date of Thrive 2.0.

Thrive 2.0 will officially release on August 29, 2017 as "Thrive Architect". ​

I'm an affiliate for Thrive, which means I earn a small commission if you purchase their products when clicking a link on my website, but make no mistake that I believe in the product.

The Thrive suite of plugins are a cornerstone of my business. I run almost all of my websites exclusively on their themes and plugins because of how dang simple they are to use and how cutting-edge their features are for WordPress.

I want to touch on a few key points from today's announcement.

Thrive Architect will be 100% backwards compatible

This is so, so important. Everything you see on my website is built using Thrive products. I currently use Thrive Builder on over 30 of my client's websites.​ If it wasn't backwards compatible, I would lose a TON of money (labor) in changing and updating their designs, landing pages, and lead forms.

Thrive Architect will be included in the Thrive Membership and also be free to all Thrive Builder owners

A huge reason I remain so passionately loyal to the Thrive brand is because of how well they treat their customers.

I have been a Thrive Member (meaning I pay monthly/quarterly for access to all of their Thrive suite of plugins) for over a year now. In that year there have been THREE product releases, and I received all of them at no additional charge. I will also get Thrive Architect at no additional charge. That's incredible!

Thrive Builder is a phenomenal product by itself, but the upcoming features make it 10x more powerful. Is Thrive raising the price of their builder? NO! It's free to Thrive Builder owners! That's retroactive value. ​

Thrive Puzzle / Game Maker?

Thrive is always testing new products and marketing strategies. They are a company that practices what they preach, and that's a reason I love opening their emails. Today's announcement was done using a little guessing game that resembles 'hang man'.

Thrive Architect announcement game

Will this game / puzzle become a new Thrive product in the future? It certainly elicited a fascinating response from people in their announcement's comment section. I can imagine their email open rate was also quite high when they told us we would have to guess the name to see the release date.​

More to come on Thrive Architect

My core value offering here on my website is to match my readers with the tools they need to succeed at becoming better marketers. Thrive Builder is one of those tools, and Thrive Architect -- the evolution of that tool -- will be no exception.

Expect me to bring videos, tutorials, and templates for Thrive Architect to this blog after its release on August 29, 2017. I'm hyped!​

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