Want to Work with Me?

I do a small amount of one-on-one (or me-on-business) consulting. I work with people that are actually ready and willing to put their business forward and do what it takes to get the results they're expecting to achieve. 

Does that sound like you?

Looking for Specialized Assistance? 

Below are companies I've started, and specialized services I provide.‚Äč

Medical Marketing and Digital Media Production

I co-founded MD Media Experience, which has become the leader in digital marketing and media production for physicians & surgeons. We empower physicians with the knowledge and tools they need to grow their practice.

I'm an expert in the Thrive Themes suite of plugins. Whether you're looking to build a conversion funnel in Thrive Leads, A/B Test with Thrive Optimize, or build a website in Thrive Architect, I'll help you get the job done.