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There Might Be Nothing Wrong With Your Marketing

There Might Be Nothing Wrong With Your MarketingSometimes there’s nothing wrong with your marketing; there’s just nothing right.Working with hundreds of companies and websites over the years, I discovered an unfortunate reality: Captain Picard was right. “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life.​” Click […]

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Fetch as Google

Use Fetch as Google to Index Pages Faster

Use Fetch as Google to Index Pages FasterToday I want to show you how you can leverage the power of Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) to help the pages on your website index faster using the “Fetch as Google” feature. Search Console is like the command center of your website. Perhaps a more apt analogy […]

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You’re Being Lied to About Link Building

You’re Being Lied to About Link BuildingLink building is the foundation of the internet. Links are how the web is connected, and easily in the higher echelon (if not at the very top) of Google’s ranking algorithm. That’s why so people people want to publish posts about “why link building is important in 2017” or “the […]

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Local Ranking Factors Survey

Interpreting the Moz Local Ranking Factor Survey

Interpreting the Moz Local Ranking Factor SurveyMoz released their biennial local ranking factor survey this past week. This survey brings together a group of people who basically give their opinions on what influences the local ranking factors the most. Moz bundles it up and releases the results. I’m not one to trust the “gurus” on this […]

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2 Domain Age isn't a ranking factor

Domain Age Doesn’t Matter for SEO

​Domain Age Doesn’t Matter for SEOWhen it comes to determining Google’s ranking factors, any statement from Google or its employees themselves (official or unofficial) is worth noting. In this case, we have an answer to the question, “Does domain age matter for SEO?” Yesterday on Twitter, John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, tweeted that domain […]

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Plastic surgeon seo

SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Expert in Plastic Surgery SEOI am currently an SEO consultant to some of the top plastic surgeons in the world. I have worked with over 400 different Plastic Surgeons in the United States on various projects including standard SEO, website design, PPC advertising, and Local Optimization. Working with some of the largest SEO companies in […]

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How to Choose an SEO Company

How to Choose an SEO Company

Finding the right SEO consultant or company to help your business grow online can be a daunting task. In addition to usual (and expected) business factors such as price, availability, culture compatibility, and experience with your industry, there are also several factors unique to the SEO world of which you should be aware. I sometimes struggle […]

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SEO in 2017

Your SEO Agenda for 2017

The year is quickly coming to a close which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’re planning to do in 2017 to get more traffic and ultimately make more sales. I’m sure you’re evaluating all of your goals, including those marketing goals you set for yourself this time last year. To start you on […]

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Google Possum Local Algorithm Update

Will Google Possum Impact Your Business?

Google released their “Possum” update earlier this month, and we’re now starting to see how this latest local algorithm update is affecting small business owners like yourself. What is Google Possum? Possum was an update to Google’s algorithm for local search signals. In other words, Possum affects how businesses appear in the “3 pack” and […]

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Google's Interstitial Popup Penalty

How to Avoid Google’s New Interstitial Penalty

Google recently announced a new change to their algorithm that will impact many of us doing marketing on the internet. The change includes a new rankings signal for mobile friendliness, and takes aim directly at “interstitials” or “overlays” which are deemed “intrusive.” First, let’s take a look at who or what will be impacted by this […]

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