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How long should blog posts be to rank well in google?

How Long Should Blog Posts Be?

How Long Should Blog Posts Be?This is one of the most common questions newbie bloggers will ask. Without realizing it, they’re also asking one of the most debated questions, and one of the most ill-reported topics in SEO and Blogging. To give you an idea of how common this question is, my own mother texted me […]

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What Unique Content Means

What “Unique” and “Great” Content Really Mean

What “Unique” and “Great” Content Really MeanHave you heard this one before? “The key to ranking well in Google is to write great, quality unique content!”  That’s the go-to line for most SEOs who really can’t qualify a true SEO strategy. There’s this idea of pushing out unique content (which remains undefined) in a sort of […]

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